Software Engineering Recruitment

Building a Career in Software Engineering Arena in SaaS, PaaS and Cloud Tech.

The recruitment sector for Software Engineers in Saas  is desperate for skills with both specialist and broad experience in programming. A market that has been skills short for many decades is now at critical.

Pre-IPO and Venture Backed Business

This is particularly so in the Pre-IPO and Venture Capital backed start up arena. There are some amazing businesses being spawned right now, but as with the major players in software sales, such as Sales Force, skills are short. It takes a certain sort of software engineer to want to work in a business that is inherently seen as more risky.

Recruitment consultancies looking for such skill have to possess a specific knowledge of the software engineering employment market place, all the different portions within it and the way that they fit in concert.

Getting skilled new personnel for corporations who want to broaden their internet marketing department or reinstate staff who have gone is not, still, a difficult job for specialized on line marketing recruitment organization Harvey Thomas.

The Growth of Cloud Solutions

When owner Jon Eyers established Harvey Thomas in 2008 and focused on Software Engineering job opportunities, in this niche, no one, if truth be told, realised what a big role Cloud Based, SaaS applications were going to play.

Nowadays the company is a firmly reputable specialist headhunter in the always changing internet based world, having kept in touch with every novel evolution of technology.

The hiring company has a solid track record spanning more than 10 years of satisfying their customers’ recruiting vacancies for expert, passionate and experienced new on-line Technical Engineering staff.

Harvey Thomas – Different Agency

“In addition to possessing a sizable file of probable proficient candidates that we have established over the years, nearly all of our consultants have been involved in the internet commerce or digital marketing business, so have a considerable knowledge of the talents that a prospective hire requires, and also where to uncover the most excellent people,” says Harvey Thomas co-creator Jon Eyers, who established the corporation from scratch with the business partner Tom Sturgess, remarks, “We keep a database of all Cloud Based Development job candidates we’ve found jobs for in the past and remain in contact with them repeatedly, so we know if they’re ready to find another job and then we can fit them with suitable customers’ requirements”.

“It’s taken a number of years, but I could now boldly say that we have a number of extremely sizable effective – and respected – businesses on our systems quite frequently needing more talent.

On the opposite side of the fence, our clients comprise of new little tech start-ups who got into contact with us because they heard how we have an aptitude with discovering first-class employees with internet based marketing skills.

We recognize the industry extremely well and are acquainted with the precise requirements of any particular job role. This is unique amongst Software Engineer Recruitment Agencies

“Similarly we get to know the applicant before presenting them for a vacancy,” Jon goes on.

“It’s significant that we don’t offer a job seeker for a role that doesn’t interest or enthuse them.

In addition what’s extremely vital is the company community they feel most relaxed in.

If you would like some further information about Harvey Thomas then click this.

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How A Wedding Planner Can Help

As any engaged couple who has a wedding day looming knows, scheduling th entire day demands a lot of time, effort and money. It’s as good as having another full-time job!

Just about every single detail has to be searched for and arranged, such as flowers for the service and members of the family, food selection preferences, seating, the wedding dress and accessories and, naturally, wedding venue and accommodation.

Thankless Task

The file of details – the scheduling and performing of which must be perfect – is seemingly never-ending – and so is the added cost!

There is no doubt that today utilizing wedding planners is growing rapidly. Figures suggest that, nowadays some 37% of all weddings use a planner to some degree, with something like 25% employing a full planning service.

And, if you think about, it makes total sense. In this modern, break-neck world when most couples hold down full time jobs, paying someone to plan the “big day” and to make sure it is perfect, makes absolute sense.

Using Your Planner

Employing a wedding planning expert is on most of the happy couples’ wishlists. However, you may not know that a expert wedding planner service may be a lot easier to hire than you think. There’s no question, every bride would love the chance to have the benefits of a wedding organiser, and currently it could possibly just be much easier than you think to use one.

Benefits Of Using A Planner

Consider the benefits of allowing an expert to plan your special occasion by visiting this address for information and see how you can truly make your dream-day a day to cherish forever.

A wedding planner will, obviously, would like to be acquainted with the size, style and event location of your wedding and any particular decor concept you desire – even if you haven’t any scheme, they can in most cases  propose several impressive potential designs for the mode and presentation of your most special day yet.

Taking Time To Understand

After a wedding planner understands your unique criteria for the special day and the kind of celebration you would like to hold, they can give you an idea of the scope of services which are on offer and the cost – as a point of comparison, you can normally pick from whole event setting up, limited event planning and day-only supervision on the big day.

When it comes to costs, the majority of wedding advisors will stay in the cost range you present them with and if you advise them to, they will make sure that you do not go over your highest possible budget.

A wedding adviser might ask for a proportion of the overall costs of the wedding as their rate, or they may ask for a fixed fee limit, more than which they won’t use up.

Orange Blossom

Tania Nursiah of Orangle Blossom wedding planners has been providing perfect weddinsg for five years now.

“It’s just so amazing to be involved intimately with people’s wedding arrangements” she says. “I meet so many wonderful people, so in love, but so busy. I am just delighted I am able to take the pain out of their organising proceess”.

“I do as much or as little as the couple want, but come what may I think it’s vital to spend a lot of time understanding their vision of the big day. This is more often than not led by the bride to be, although the grooms do often have something to add. So, it is important to make sure both parties are totally happy”, she smiles.

You can find Orange Blossom by clickig this link.

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The Benefits Of Tinted Windows

Getting Your Glass Tinted Can Make a Massive Difference In The Home, Office, Commercial (Including Safety Glass) and If Your Car!

And, if you go to a specialist window and glass tinter, it is a lot more cost effective than buying and installing pre-stained glass.

It’s Fast and Cost Effective

Do you realize that you can change the feel of your apartment, workplace and car fast, simply and cheaply by utilizing a shaded film on the window glass?

Just one of the various motives to attach a colored film layer to your windows includes the instantaneous capability to include increased privacy so that no people outside could peer inside the rooms in your home, which is valuable for basement windows at road level, washrooms or garden rooms, and your office or congregation spaces at work.

It is also preferable for high profile people in their cars if they want privacy. However, there is also the aesthetic angle to look at as well. Many people who have their car windows tinted comment on how much better it makes their entire vehicle look. I am certainly now a fan after being persuaded to have my car’s rear windows tinted.

It Looks Great

For that posh shaded-window look in your car, just utilize a covering of tinted film – no need to change the windows with costly alternatives!

Adding film on your car window tinting is a very good method to lower solar brightness and keep gear much cooler in your car, and which also offers family members in the interior of your car some invisibility.

Workplace complexes can for the most part gain advantage from window tinting to make individual office areas, job interview areas and galley or social locations more private and therefore reducing worker interruption of those working on the outside of the area.

An alternative exploitation to shade windows could be introducing a organization’s commercial colourings in their center of operations, or applying thick tinting film sheets to hide from view unpleasant sights outside the window or maybe even solely to be able to make an office appear to be more agreeable and so inspire enhanced productivity potential.

Municipal Buildings

Window glass in a municipal building – such as a school, college or healthcare facility – may not always be made out of safety glass, yet you are able to improve windows with safety film, which keeps sharp shards of smashed glass together, affixed to the film, in the event of damage or splintering.

Safety In Mind

Some neighborhood establishments require that suchthis sort of sticky see through safety film is affixed to windows before authorising administrative safety qualification, in the situation that a building’s windows are not created from safety glass. Glass should be filmed to regulation 14 standards. This is the highgest safety standard for strengthened, safety glass in the EU.

Click this link to have a look at some solutions on how you are able to use window tinting as a low pricedlower-priced, immediate and impactful choice to enrich, toughen and bring coloration to the windows about you in your day-to-day living.

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Digital Marketing For The Future

Hi it’s Dan here,

dougAs I knew I was going to be talking to Doug Bates from Digital Marketing recruitment specialists Intelligent People, I thought I out to get properly up to speed with what is going on in that niche.

What I found out, stunned me!

Astounding Growth

The market place is growing at an astounding rate. And, good news for Intelligent People is that 90% of Digital agencies are expecting to hire new staff in 2017 (according to think tank The Drum). This is quite remarkable and to the best of my knowledge there is no other market growing like this at the moment.

“It’s true” says Doug, “we are seeing incredible growth in the market, but we are also seeing other factors at play as well”.

What are those other factors?

“I think the growth is there for all to see. not only do we have eCommerce nowadays, but also mobile or “mCommerce adding to the growth of Digital Marketing per se”, he says in a very serious manner, “it seems only five minutes ago we’d got used to putting our credit card on an online purchase, now we’re also doing the same on mobile devices. I have to be honest and say I just didn’t expect that to happen so quickly”, the first smile I see from him.

How long did you think it would take?


“Good question”, he says and takes a sip of coffee, “if you think back to the start of Amazon, it struggled because people were not sure about the security of buying online. It took almost ten years for that to become commonplace. But, this move to mCommerce has happened in just a couple of years. It’s almost like a natural progression. Once eCommerce became widely accepted, secure and easy to use, mCommerce was just a small leap of faith”.

You mention other factors?

“Yes, indeed, there are probably two other major factors driving the growth of Online Marketing. And, they sort of “hang together”. Technology is a big one and the advances being made are quite spectacular. Of course, that in and of itself brings economies and efficiencies in bucket loads. The knock on effect the new tech gives is that is allowing more and more specialised job functions to be created”, he says.


Can you give me an example?

“Sure”, he thinks a little, “let’s take a look at CRM systems, they are now so advanced we are seeing new roles created such as product manager jobs, or customer insight analysis vacancies. Yes, these are sub branches of general Online Marketing Jobs, but they are specialisms in their own right. The ability to manage your product categories properly and to leverage the technology behind that can bring great dvantages and added profitability”.

“And, I guess it’s the drive for efficiency and therefore higher profits that is behind the whole thing. But it is the bigger companies such as Amazon that area leading the way with innovation. Smaller companies buy in with software such as Sales Force for example. But, Amazon are so powerful they can work at the “bleeding edge” and when that delivers they achieve great advantages”.

Explain “bleeding edge” please?

“Ah, yes, sorry”, he smiles, “it’s the leading edge of driving technology. It’s called bleeding edge as if you get it wrong you lose a lot of money!”

Ahh, I see.

Lifestyle Business

So how is business for Intelligent People?

“Yes, very good indeed”, he now looks relaxed, “we have built a lifestyle business and we want to keep it that way. Both Chris and I came out of London to work near our homes and to build a lifestyle. We now do that for our consultants as well. We aim to build a sustainable and growing business but with a sympathetic edge that allows our people a good work/life balance. It’s working well and we are seeing records fall almost every quarter. We also translate that in to how we deal with our clients and they seem to like it”.

Thanks Doug it’s been very enlightening.

“Any time”, he laughs as his swigs back the last few dregs of his Costa latte.

You can find Intelligent People – Digital Recruitment Agency by clicking this link.

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Why are Case Studies Important to a Business Marketing Strategy

online-reviews-2016Before you are to learn more about business case studies and reviews, it is important that you understand the difference between the two approaches. So what are the difference? Keep in mind that business reviews are not the same as a case study. Conducting a case study are more on the in-depth experiences both by the customer and the business marketer and the business itself. Moreover, a business review is base on the clients or customer’s experience towards the services that has been offered to them. This is crucial because your business also depends on the rating that you will receive from your clients. The better the feedback

If one of your strategies is to market a product that you think can be of benefit to your customers, before you’re going to do that, it is important that you understand your consumer. What are the factors that you need to know before you are to market your product? This the best time that you are going to have a case study. Although it may sound simple and the answer is very obvious, it is still vital that you have to know how they would feel and even think if you are in the shoes of your consumer. Here are few of the following that you need to think of as a probable decision to your consumers:

It assists you in choosing fora company- consumer go for a company that they can benefit and gives them the assurance that quality service is guaranteed once they commit to the service. So it is important that you are to meet their expectation as your valued customers.

The value of information- consumers would always love to have an update with regards to the products that you are selling, or anything that pertains to your website. It is important that you give out information to your clients and customers. This is also an indication that you also value them.

Deciding on two or more companies- consumers always have the dilemma of choosing which is the best company that they would choose. They have to deal with the pros and cons, and at the same time read more on the business reviews section, for them to weigh their options as to which company they would most likely to prefer.


How does a case study support your brand?

This is relatively connected to those who are having new business ventures. The exposure of your brand and reputation will have a high result when you’re listed on the marketing sale strategy. Customers also would go for a more reputable company because they are on the trend rather than those who are still a novice to the business. However, case studies give opportunities to grow as a business because It can give you a brief study as to how you’re doing well with your performance with regards to products and consumers satisfaction as well as your continuity when it customer-reviewscomes to selling.

One proof of the result of having a case study is showing or selling your products through advertising using a video to the social media. People will be able to see and reach out for you if you have displayed and at the same time an on point marketing strategy. Do not disregard this because it can help you achieve your goals in becoming successful.

Lastly, it is crucial that you make an effort in gaining the trust to your clients and customers. This type of relationship would mean a lot of value as you are not only investing in your business, but also having a good return on investment by having unlimited customers passing through and forth.

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