Hi Kenny here, Today I want to look at a really interesting “disruptive” business model. I was chatting to a friend of mine who suggested I talked to a company called Hassle Free Boilers. What was interesting about boilers?, I thought! Can it get much more mainstream? Well the answer is, if you know where to look, boilers can be very interesting indeed, especially when you take a standard business model and just give it a little twist. Here’s the story of Hassle Free Boilers. The Story of HFB HFB were actually born out of… Read Article →

Hi Jerry here, I was at a local networking event last week. There’s an organisation called Link4Growth that is starting to make waves in local communities. They are trying to foster community relations, rebuild community if you like, to try and foster increased business for local people. Building Community So, it’s not a true business networking “thing” so much as a “community” thing. Anyway, I am certainly all for building community, I think we so very much need that. But the reason I mention it (and I will do a full blow article on L4G… Read Article →

It’s not uncommon to hear about different businesses that had a wonderful success. However, this all ends when you hear what the business is about. The unusual business ideas that became successful had only one thing in common – they offered solutions for those people who had different needs. This is a principle that you can also apply if you want to start something on your own, because people will always pay for something that is not currently on the market but that is needed. Depending on your localization or on the needs of people… Read Article →

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