The Changing SEO Landscape

One thing is for sure, SEO is an ever-changing target. With the Bert update, Google is implementing true AI

Google first started to look at the implementation of AI with Rankbrain some two years ago.

If you think about it, they have an office the size of about twenty football pitches filled with PhDs all programming the algorithm.

So, it’s a fair bet they are doing something far in advance of what most SEOs can do, or indeed afford to do. But Bert is different…

SEOs normally fall over themselves to work out how to respond to Google algorithm updates.

With Bert there is not really anything to do from a search consultant’s point of view.

The reason?

Well, quite simply all Bert has done is make search more responsiev to “real” language.

Bert simply takes Rankbrian and advances it to a whole new level. Google now inherently understands what the searcher is looking for, so they will return far more accurate search results.

And, Google now understands searcher intent far better. A trend that also started with Rankbrian. The algorithm now “earners” faster and “understands” better./

So, searchers can now type in proper Engliahs phrases, like, for example “how do I paralell park on a hill”, and Google will return far more accurate results. See the image example from Neil Patel’s excellent SEO Blog.

So, now content is all important. Yes, it still needs to be engaging and media rich, but given this new insight and understanding from our major search engine…it doesn’t have to be 2,000 words long.

As long as the subject matter is covered in depth and fully, the content is useful to readers and uses video, images, infographics etc, then Google WILL like your content. For quality Search Engine Optimisation in Herts click the link

On the broader subject of building an internet business check out this post

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Building An Internet Marketing Business

There is no doubt starting an online business is tough these days.

Of course there are so many different routes you can take…

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon
  • Product Development
  • Video Marketing
  • Adsense

The list is large and there are just so many methods, techniques and softwares that you can potentially employ to build a business. There are also so many niche markets out there that you can sell in to.

Answer To The Online Question

So, what’s the answer to this conundrum?

Well, I spoke to Online Entrepreneur Derek Armson to guage his thoughts on this matter.

So, hello derek, how did you get going with your online marketing business?

“It’s a long story”, he grins, “I’ve been going since 2006, and it really wasn’t until 2014 that I started to generate some success”.

“I ended up going back to recruitment to do some graduate intake for a local agency to supplemenmt my almost non-existent online income. Funnily enough that agency ended up being one of my best SEO clients, but more on that later”.

Eight Years Of Failure

Eight years of failure, that’s harsh?

“It really was a case of just not getting the right information Daniel”, he smiles at the thought.

“Back in early 2014 I was staring down the barrel. Savings gone, no job and one angry wife! I sat down and thought about it. I knew I had to get traffic to my websites, I couldn;t afford to pay for it, so SEO was the only option. It’s amazing isn’t it? When your back is against the wall, you suddenly decide to do things properly!”

Yes, I can relate to that!

Used To Success

“I was used to instant and huge success in recruitment. I thought Internet Marketing would be the same. However, this market has a habit of biting you on the backside”, he laughs out loud this time.

“Anyway, with nowhere to turn, so I decided my only course of action was to get outrageously good at search engine optimsation. So I found one of the best in the market, cobbled together some cash and got taught by the best. Sure enough I started to rank pages”.

What happened from there?

Paying SEO Client

“I had one social media client and asked if they’d like their website ranked in Google, which I’d do free for a test. A week later she had numerous number one rankings and told a friend. The next week I had my first paying client. She referred me to someone else and a second client. I was ranking clients for fun”.

“So, I trebled prices and took on anothe rthree clients over the next month. With an oustanding track reconrd I started picthing clients a level up and within 5 weeks had my first four figure per month SEO client. Within six months of starting I was turning over £4k/month. I then landed a £3.5k per month client and went over 5 figures per month three months later. Within 9 months I’d built a £10k per month plus business”.

The Right Information

Amazing what you can do with the right information isn’t it?

“Absolutely, but the bstory takes a dark turn two and a half years ago. My wife and I realsied a dream and bought a place in Spain. Cliff top apartment overlooking our favourite Town at the quiet end of the Costa Del Sol. Just over a year after buying it, we came home from a brilliant night out. My wife collapsed getting ready for bed and never regain consciousness. She’d suffered a massive brain haemorhage and passed away five hours later”.

“I struggled on for three months after her death, but I was completely shot. I really don’t remember much about it, but three months after that fateful night I sacked all but three of my clients and took a big step back. I needed to grieve and I needed time for me”.

Finding A Mentor

“A year ago, I came back, but wanted to move into a product and affiliate based model this time. So, taking the lessons of before, I set about finding a mentor to take me exactly where I wanted to go. I found Paul O’Mahony and his online business mentor program. Online Business Mastery is based around using social media and the Internet to build a big online business”.

“I wnet through a whole process to decide who would be my online business mastery which you can read by clicning the link. But in my opinion Paul O’Mahony is the best around. It took six mopnths to really get things rocking, but I’m now well on the way to getting my income back up to that five figure per month level. And with this model I am not restrained by time, so I absolutely know I can take things a whole lot further”.

Derek, that’s great thank you for your time and input.

“My pleasure Daniel, let’s do it again in the not too distant future!”

Why not!

Here’s Derek’s story about how he found the Internet Business Mastery program.

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Digital Marketing For The Future

Hi it’s Dan here,

dougAs I knew I was going to be talking to Doug Bates from Digital Marketing recruitment specialists Intelligent People, I thought I out to get properly up to speed with what is going on in that niche.

What I found out, stunned me!

Astounding Growth

The market place is growing at an astounding rate. And, good news for Intelligent People is that 90% of Digital agencies are expecting to hire new staff in 2017 (according to think tank The Drum). This is quite remarkable and to the best of my knowledge there is no other market growing like this at the moment.

“It’s true” says Doug, “we are seeing incredible growth in the market, but we are also seeing other factors at play as well”.

What are those other factors?

“I think the growth is there for all to see. not only do we have eCommerce nowadays, but also mobile or “mCommerce adding to the growth of Digital Marketing per se”, he says in a very serious manner, “it seems only five minutes ago we’d got used to putting our credit card on an online purchase, now we’re also doing the same on mobile devices. I have to be honest and say I just didn’t expect that to happen so quickly”, the first smile I see from him.

How long did you think it would take?


“Good question”, he says and takes a sip of coffee, “if you think back to the start of Amazon, it struggled because people were not sure about the security of buying online. It took almost ten years for that to become commonplace. But, this move to mCommerce has happened in just a couple of years. It’s almost like a natural progression. Once eCommerce became widely accepted, secure and easy to use, mCommerce was just a small leap of faith”.

You mention other factors?

“Yes, indeed, there are probably two other major factors driving the growth of Online Marketing. And, they sort of “hang together”. Technology is a big one and the advances being made are quite spectacular. Of course, that in and of itself brings economies and efficiencies in bucket loads. The knock on effect the new tech gives is that is allowing more and more specialised job functions to be created”, he says.


Can you give me an example?

“Sure”, he thinks a little, “let’s take a look at CRM systems, they are now so advanced we are seeing new roles created such as product manager jobs, or customer insight analysis vacancies. Yes, these are sub branches of general Online Marketing Jobs, but they are specialisms in their own right. The ability to manage your product categories properly and to leverage the technology behind that can bring great dvantages and added profitability”.

“And, I guess it’s the drive for efficiency and therefore higher profits that is behind the whole thing. But it is the bigger companies such as Amazon that area leading the way with innovation. Smaller companies buy in with software such as Sales Force for example. But, Amazon are so powerful they can work at the “bleeding edge” and when that delivers they achieve great advantages”.

Explain “bleeding edge” please?

“Ah, yes, sorry”, he smiles, “it’s the leading edge of driving technology. It’s called bleeding edge as if you get it wrong you lose a lot of money!”

Ahh, I see.

Lifestyle Business

So how is business for Intelligent People?

“Yes, very good indeed”, he now looks relaxed, “we have built a lifestyle business and we want to keep it that way. Both Chris and I came out of London to work near our homes and to build a lifestyle. We now do that for our consultants as well. We aim to build a sustainable and growing business but with a sympathetic edge that allows our people a good work/life balance. It’s working well and we are seeing records fall almost every quarter. We also translate that in to how we deal with our clients and they seem to like it”.

Thanks Doug it’s been very enlightening.

“Any time”, he laughs as his swigs back the last few dregs of his Costa latte.

You can find Intelligent People – Digital Recruitment Agency by clicking this link.

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Why are Case Studies Important to a Business Marketing Strategy

online-reviews-2016Before you are to learn more about business case studies and reviews, it is important that you understand the difference between the two approaches. So what are the difference? Keep in mind that business reviews are not the same as a case study. Conducting a case study are more on the in-depth experiences both by the customer and the business marketer and the business itself. Moreover, a business review is base on the clients or customer’s experience towards the services that has been offered to them. This is crucial because your business also depends on the rating that you will receive from your clients. The better the feedback

If one of your strategies is to market a product that you think can be of benefit to your customers, before you’re going to do that, it is important that you understand your consumer. What are the factors that you need to know before you are to market your product? This the best time that you are going to have a case study. Although it may sound simple and the answer is very obvious, it is still vital that you have to know how they would feel and even think if you are in the shoes of your consumer. Here are few of the following that you need to think of as a probable decision to your consumers:

It assists you in choosing fora company- consumer go for a company that they can benefit and gives them the assurance that quality service is guaranteed once they commit to the service. So it is important that you are to meet their expectation as your valued customers.

The value of information- consumers would always love to have an update with regards to the products that you are selling, or anything that pertains to your website. It is important that you give out information to your clients and customers. This is also an indication that you also value them.

Deciding on two or more companies- consumers always have the dilemma of choosing which is the best company that they would choose. They have to deal with the pros and cons, and at the same time read more on the business reviews section, for them to weigh their options as to which company they would most likely to prefer.


How does a case study support your brand?

This is relatively connected to those who are having new business ventures. The exposure of your brand and reputation will have a high result when you’re listed on the marketing sale strategy. Customers also would go for a more reputable company because they are on the trend rather than those who are still a novice to the business. However, case studies give opportunities to grow as a business because It can give you a brief study as to how you’re doing well with your performance with regards to products and consumers satisfaction as well as your continuity when it customer-reviewscomes to selling.

One proof of the result of having a case study is showing or selling your products through advertising using a video to the social media. People will be able to see and reach out for you if you have displayed and at the same time an on point marketing strategy. Do not disregard this because it can help you achieve your goals in becoming successful.

Lastly, it is crucial that you make an effort in gaining the trust to your clients and customers. This type of relationship would mean a lot of value as you are not only investing in your business, but also having a good return on investment by having unlimited customers passing through and forth.

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