The Changing SEO Landscape

One thing is for sure, SEO is an ever-changing target. With the Bert update, Google is implementing true AI

Google first started to look at the implementation of AI with Rankbrain some two years ago.

If you think about it, they have an office the size of about twenty football pitches filled with PhDs all programming the algorithm.

So, it’s a fair bet they are doing something far in advance of what most SEOs can do, or indeed afford to do. But Bert is different…

SEOs normally fall over themselves to work out how to respond to Google algorithm updates.

With Bert there is not really anything to do from a search consultant’s point of view.

The reason?

Well, quite simply all Bert has done is make search more responsiev to “real” language.

Bert simply takes Rankbrian and advances it to a whole new level. Google now inherently understands what the searcher is looking for, so they will return far more accurate search results.

And, Google now understands searcher intent far better. A trend that also started with Rankbrian. The algorithm now “earners” faster and “understands” better./

So, searchers can now type in proper Engliahs phrases, like, for example “how do I paralell park on a hill”, and Google will return far more accurate results. See the image example from Neil Patel’s excellent SEO Blog.

So, now content is all important. Yes, it still needs to be engaging and media rich, but given this new insight and understanding from our major search engine…it doesn’t have to be 2,000 words long.

As long as the subject matter is covered in depth and fully, the content is useful to readers and uses video, images, infographics etc, then Google WILL like your content. For quality Search Engine Optimisation in Herts click the link

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